THE BLOG - NO 2: Masturbate forever, feel shame never.

I have always been a very sexual person, even from a young age. I vividly remember my first orgasm, at maybe 12 or 13. I laid in bed rubbing my pussy and clit, it felt so good and I was wondering why I couldn’t stop. Next minute, my whole body is taken over and I am experiencing a serious self-love explosion. The rest is history! 


Self-love and masturbation go hand in hand, it’s hard to feel the benefits of masturbation if you ain’t lovin’ thy self. 


I have been in relationships where I never thought to masturbate, I guess I had lost myself a little and thought I am going to climax from my partner, so what’s the point? (CRAZY!) I remember the day I masturbated while being in a long term relationship and that afternoon I went out and bought a vibrator and no matter my relationship now, my vibrators and dildos are a regular in my life. Why should the only time you climax, be with a partner? That is insanity! 


Mens masturbation has been completely normalised and made light of since forever, how many movies have you seen where a man is walked in on, masturbating? How many films have you seen when a womxn is walked in on, masturbating? Sex education in school just teaches you if you have sex you could get pregnant or get a sexually transmitted infection (I’ve had chlamydia, use condoms, kids). We need to talk more about the female orgasm and how much pleasure can be achieved in and around your sweet little princess! 


Once you are comfortable with yourself and making yourself climax, your sex life with others becomes way more comfortable and you can achieve it much more easily. Womxn really need to push to normalise talking about sex and masturbation because it’s a huge part of our lives and we deserve to enjoy it with no guilt or shame. 


Masturbate forever, feel shame never.

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I loved this article, and how it really tries to break the stigma associated with female masturbation. I , too, was very sexual at an early age. I remember my first orgasm vividly. I had found a “secret”, and I wanted to show my little sister and all my neighborhood girlfriends my little “secret” too. Back then masturbation was associated with something that was “dirty”, “shameful”, and negative. Over the years, we’ve evolved to accept masturbation as being normal, healthy, and in my opinion, beneficial to creating a more confidently sexual being. We accept masturbating with our partners today, and for our partners as well. Yes, masturbation is a form of self love. It’s a way to learn about your body too, it’s anatomy, what it can do, and also what exactly turns you on most. How else can you have a great sex life if you don’t even know how to turn yourself in? Your partner needs to know this, and besides, it feels really good to rub my clit while being penetrated!

Sandy Sinn January 14, 2021

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