Why Sex and Your Body Are Beautiful

So, you’ve been told your whole life that sex is gross, sinful, scary, confusing. And perhaps you’ve also been told that your body is gross, sinful, scary and confusing. 

 Unfortunately, many of us have been taught to be overly critical of our bodies and our sexualities - it’s a byproduct of our sex-negative culture.

 Here are some evidence-based ways to put the positivity back into sex:

  •  The enemy of self-criticism is self-compassion. Be kind and patient with yourself. Remember that we are all human and all feel shit at some point or another. Practice mindfulness when the judgemental thoughts creep in.
  •  Intentionally celebrate your body. Stand in front of a mirror naked and list things that you like about yourself. Repeat and, gradually, you’ll learn to ignore the criticism and respect your body more.
  •  Forget the media that makes you feel worse about yourself. If scrolling through bikini pics on Instagram makes you feel terrible, then stop looking for a while. Focus on media that feeds you more of the self-love messages you need!


Alayna Annett


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