SEX ED : Edging: The Ultimate Teaser

As many of you around the world, masturbation has been my best friend and saviour, more than ever, for the past few months🙌. But after a while, just like anything, I tend to get into the same “routine” with masturbating. I’ve got my favourite position, know exactly where to touch, how fast or how slow, how much pressure to put, etc….the most “efficient” way to get to an orgasm. If you relate to this, know that there is nothing wrong with sticking to what we know the best, but for those that may want to expand and explore new ways of masturbation, let me introduce to you, the handy-dandy “edging”. What is edging? Edging in masturbation is when you stimulate and touch yourself and when you are just at the brink of having an orgasm, backing off and stopping what you were doing. This process can be repeated over and over until you finally feel ready to have an orgasm. You can use your favourite vibrating toys, dildos, your hands, or simply anything that you desire! It can also be done beautifully in partnered-play. When you edge during masturbation practice, you immediately notice a shift in your focus from “reaching an orgasm/ or act of touching” to “staying present” with the mystery. The first time I tried edging without knowing what to expect, I was simply mind-blown💦. It was liberating to touch myself without any expectations, which then created a natural state of surrender. It allowed more room for curiosity and the whole experience brought so much joy and pleasure. Masturbation is solo sex; it is the most important sexual relationship one can have. When masturbation becomes a dialogue between you and your body rather than a simple stimulation of your arousal points, the healing power it holds is unimaginable. It’s an opportunity for you to learn your body and build deeper intimacy with yourself. With a technique like edging, you are not only exploring more ways to have fun, but also practicing “self-trust”, and “boundaries”. You get to decide exactly how long you want this practice to go on, when you want to have an orgasm, and all of this while cultivating intense creative and sexsual energy within you (which is why many folks incorporate visualization and manifestation practice with edging). As a recovering people-pleaser, witnessing my ability to bring that much pleasure and power for myself is incredibly liberating... Masturbation is a wonderful healing tool that’s available for everyone, and with edging practice, your masturbation can be even more intentional and exciting!

Now...who is ready for some teasing😜?

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