SEX ED : What To Know About Lesbian Sex

Lesbian sex is wonderful. Here are some stats to prove it:


In a 2014 study, researchers Garcia, Lloyd, Wallen, and Fisher surveyed  6,151 people and determined that those who engage in lesbian sex report experiencing orgasms 74.4% of the time and those who engage in hetero-sex report experiencing orgasms 61.6% of the time. (Other studies indicate reported lesbian orgasms occur at a rate closer to 85%).


Lesbian couples report an average sexual encounter lasts from 30 to 45minutes. Comparitatively, heterosexual couples average between 15 to 30minutes, according to a 2014 study by Blair and Pukall. (Other studies indicate lesbian sex lasts closer to an average of 60mins).


A study in the Journal for Sexual Medicine determined over 75% of their lesbian and bisexual women sample used vibrators in the past year. Vibrator use in partnered sex with other women was also correlated with higher sexual function scores (e.g. ability to achieve orgasm) than those who didn’t use vibrators.
Written By:
A. Annett

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