SEX ED : The Importance of Pelvis Floor Muscles

Are we using Kegels correctly?


It’s common for people to improperly engage muscles in exercises meant to strength our pelvic floor area, such as those infamous Kegels. Pelvic floor muscle exercises are often included in physical therapy for those suffering with incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Some studies and pelvic specialists also indicate that they can be helpful in achieving orgasm for those who can’t or experience them weakly. However, the evidence that Kegels improve sexual function for the average, asymptomatic person is largely unfounded.


Can’t hurt to practice though! Some common errors with PFM exercises include activating the glutes, the hip adductors (inner thigh) and abdominal muscles instead of the pelvic floor or adding strain by holding your breath. Body aware practices, such as Pilates, can be instrumental in properly targeting the pelvic floor, but as always, check in with a health professional, such as a pelvic floor physiotherapist, for treatment options that work for you.

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A. Annett

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