SEX ED : The Benefits of Sex For Stress Reduction

Some ways in which stress (think: global pandemic) can adversely affect your sex life:


Not only can stress aggravate anxiety and other mental states, but it can cause inflammation and muscle tension. For example, you may experience a flare-up of pelvic floor or lower back issues. It’s also commonplace for us to hold onto stress in our bodies; progressive muscle relaxation techniques can help you pinpoint these areas and work on releasing them.


Stress can act as a barrier for intimacy. When we’re stressed, we often aren’t in the headspace we prefer to be in for partnered sex. Sex therapist, Heather Davidson, suggests finding time and space to physically connect with yourself and your partner, such as getting a massage or taking a bath together, as a way of bypassing these adverse affects.


Communication is often the first thing to be compromised when things get stressful. It’s only beneficial to check-in with yourself and your partner about what you may need to be able to sexually connect better during these times.
Written By:
A. Annett

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