SEX ED : What You Need To Know About The G-Spot #FACTS

PSA: the G-Spot exists, but not as we have come to know it.

 In 1950,  Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg published a paper called “The Role of the Urethra in Female Orgasm” and identified a region of the front side of the vaginal wall beneath the bladder as a newly discovered “erotic zone.” People named this magical area after him and in the decades since, those with vaginas have expressed frustration when they couldn’t locate this “spot” or achieve orgasm through penetrative stimulation. After all, only one third of women report achieving orgasm “vaginally,” according to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.  


It turns out, Dr. G was actually identifying the body, root and bulb of the clitoris (yup, it’s not just a tiny external glans) - these are some of the internal structures of the clitroris, which are all involved in sexual pleasure. So, the G-Spot is synonymous with some of the sexually responsive areas that make up the clitoris. All hail the clit!

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A. Annett

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