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I’ve always considered myself a savage in the bedroom. I love to fuck. The bedroom is my time to shine, my moment where I get to bring out my alter-ego. Every man raves to me about how I’ve become their fantasy and they always want seconds. Even though I’ve never had trouble securing some good dick, I’ve had a curiosity towards women from a young age. The thought of a warm pussy always made me wet.  I never dared share that with anyone for fear of losing all of my friends who never understood me anyway. 


My loyalty to lesbian porn began in the early 2000’s when I discovered my parents VHS porn collection on the top shelf of their walk-in closet. Sorry mom and dad.  I remember running into the closest bathroom to feel the warm sensation to my clitoris stripping me of all control and sending a rush through my body that no drug could ever give me. 


Since then, I have fantasized about licking on firm large breasts while simultaneously sliding my middle finger in and out of a tight juicy pussy. I wanted to feel the heat and hear a woman moan my name while begging for me to keep licking, sucking and banging. 


That fantasy soon became part of my bucket list, and I knew it would come to me in the perfect moment. And it did. This was the first time I recognized the power of manifestation. 


I had met a girl at the club a few weeks back and after a long night of tequila shots and flirting I found myself outside making out with her. Her boyfriend watched, hard and in awe behind us. I slowly slipped my tongue in her mouth moaning lightly and biting down on her upper lip. I grabbed her breasts with one hand and slowly slipped my hand down her pants to find her wet, throbbing and wanting more. I knew it, she was my fantasy girl. 


Time passed and suddenly it was my 25th birthday. I was over men who couldn’t satisfy me, I wanted a woman and a woman only. Horny and unapologetic for my needs, I organized a trip to the strip club with a female date and my closest girlfriends. My fantasy girl had been texting me and said she had gotten permission from her boyfriend to spend the night with me and celebrate my quarter century with new adventures. After too many tequila shots and a few lap dances I found myself in the first bathroom stall, with her. We couldn’t wait. 


Her breasts came out first, I slowly pulled her thin straps down and allowed both breasts to slowly bounce out of her bra. Large, firm with perfect pinkish nipples, I grabbed them in my hands and started licking and sucking gently and passionately. Delicious. The perfect firmness that I always fantasized about tasting. I wanted more, and judging by her goosebumps and moaning, she needed more. She came prepared, skirt and no panties. I kept sucking on her perfect breasts, slowly pulling her skirt up and feeling her smooth, hair free, perfect pussy that was so wet I needed to taste it. The first lick was sweet and juicy, just like I had fantasized. I wanted to cum so I started rubbing my pussy while finger fucking my fantasy girl and licking her wet clit at the same time. Having a vibrator would have made this over the top. 


She came, and I came while she ate me out and simultaneously slid two fingers in out of me. I moaned and I watched as my fantasy became reality in the bathroom stall of a strip club. An hour passed in seconds and we gathered with my favorite females to toast my quarter century. I realized that that was all I needed to fulfill my lesbian fantasy and I could go back to what I loved most- the firmness of a man that will forever be my pussie’s favorite sex toy. 


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Wow, just wow!! I am pulsing between my legs now and breathing heavy by your descriptive, juicy story! This was my fantasy too, and my first experience was with a girl. I’ve had two girlfriends and many mind-blowing experiences with females over my 47 years, but I still love cock! Although I couldn’t live without cock and be a full lesbian, I learn for a female exactly as you described. I love how you ended the story by tying it all up and bringing the male essence back into it. Well done!

Sandy Sinn February 18, 2021

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