Juicy Story : Do You Want Any?”

OK so one night..

I decide to hook up with a pretty famous sports player, anyways .... we did the nasty (which was awful LOL). It felt like I was fucking a grade-school virgin or a humping bunny rabbit. The whole thing was a fucking awful.

After all is said and done he goes to the table, sits down, pulls out a half eaten rotisserie chicken starts eating it aggressively licking his fingers like going full on caveman on this rotisserie chicken. Note, I am standing putting my clothes back on VERY (very very) disturbed.

He glances up and says “do you want any?” I just looked up at him in disbelief and I decided to immediately leave. This hotel had underground parking in which I happened to forget where I parked my car AND because I left in such a hurry I didn’t Pee.

So picture this, chick holding her bladder frantically looking for her car in the underground. I try to leave the underground.. of course, the gate is closed! I can’t get out! By this time, I’m about to PEE my pants, for real. So, I just pull down my pants in the underground and hope that no one‘s looking.

I ended up managing to get out by doing another lap of the walk of shame in the hotel.

It was the worst hook up experience ever!!!!

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Issacorams March 07, 2021

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