Juicy Story : The XX Chronicles

 I am walking into a luxurious penthouse half cut off of a bottle of Hennessy with my bestie short to follow. As I walked into the bedroom there he was laying down naked on the bed with a rock hard cock. I slowly begin to strip unbuttoning my blouse one bead at a time. 

 He walks over and starts sucking on my nipples helping me take off my pants. Then quickly picks me up, throws me on the bed and begins to eat me out making me cum in seconds. 

I grab his cock and begin stroking it against my clit. He then grabs the back of my head starts kissing me then slowly inserts his cock.

He pins my arms back as I bit his upper lip. I wrap my legs around his back pulling him in closer. He picks me up and flips me over and calls over my bestie to come sit on his face.  She begins by rubbing my boobs, while he puts a finger in my ass making me cum. I get off quickly and rip her pants off pushing her ass toward his face.

I spit on his cock, sucking the tip while stroking his shaft making him cum in my mouth as she sits on that pretty little face of his. 

And this is when our fun adventures began...

Stay tuned you sexy animals... 


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