Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager


One of the first, top selling and undoubtably much-loved prostate massagers to send very pleasurable shock-waves through the industry, the Progasm by Aneros, TO THIS DAY, is one of the best tools available to take advantage of the high concentration of nerve endings in the anal area, resulting in what some men have called the best orgasm of their lives, or the 'Super-O'.

The Progasm has several design features that distinguish it from the other Aneros models.

First, the Progasm has a round, ball-shaped perineum tab. This new tab provides a different dispersion of pressure on the perineum.

Second, the Progasm has a second tab, the Kundalini tab, or 'K-tab'. This tab puts pressure on a known acupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this new tab can provide extra sensations up and down the spine in addition to adding to the whole Aneros experience.

The Progasm is shaped to automatically massage the prostate, or male G-spot by reacting to the body's motion- you should not have to use any manual pressure or movement, in fact, doing so may be uncomfortable. Many men report achieving a 'Super-O' right away, while others need time to get comfortable with the experience. Once you're used to the sensations that it delivers, it can be used with a partner during sex.

PRETTY PLEASE, always generously coat your tool with a water/silicone-based anal lube to enhance your experience and comfort.


  • Rounded, bulbous, angled tip for easy insertion and precise stimulation
  • The Progasm is quite large, suited to advanced prostate players
  • Made of a hygienic, incredibly body safe plastic material
  • Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant formulas

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