Aneros Trident MGX Prostate Massager

$125 $135

You've probably heard this before from us, but we're not even sorry! In fact, we'll shout it from the rooftops until all traces of anal weirdness have been annihilated: butt-play deserves much more attention than it gets! 

A new take on a classic, the MGX is designed to deliver enhanced prostate stimulation for spectacular new realms of pleasure. The ribbed base offers additional sensations to amplify your anal encounters while its arms unleash intense external pleasure.

The gently angled stem measures a delicious 3 inches at the widest part, perfect for new users.

The arms of the base provide ample opportunity for external stimulation and ease of use.

Enjoy easy P-spot, anus, perineum and Kundalini spot massages alone or with a partner.

Always use with a good quality anal lubricant for the most pleasurable sensations.

Part of the Trident Series, comprising the newest design innovations including redesigned arms for enhanced stimulation and uniquely balanced body contours for internal movement.


  • Hands-free prostate massager for P-spot stimulation
  • Modified arms for dual external stimulation of the perineum and kundalini spot
  • Pair with water-based anal lubricant for effortless insertion
  • Enhance oral play by adding this booty beauty into the mix
  • Unintimidating size is perfect for beginners

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