Lora DiCarlo

Carezza by Lora DiCarlo - Percussion Touch™ Clitoral Massager


Meet the unicorn of magic "fingers"

With patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology, Lora DiCarlo's Carezza is designed to mimic a human finger pulsating on your clitoris (or wherever you’re craving a little stimulation!) It starts with a gentle concentrated stroke, building to a deep drumming vibration. And it fits in your palm with a soft, rounded tip that pinpoints your pleasure

It’s more than a vibe
Set the speed of your sensations with patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology. Carezza’s wide range of stimulation goes from light tapping to intense drumming—so quick, it feels like a powerful vibration.

Totally new sensations
Microrobotics make Carezza unique, mimicking the feeling of a human fingertip. Start slow and explore different placements until you find just the right mind-blowing spot.

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