Dame Pillo in Indigo


Pleasure should be comfortable, no matter how you define it.

Dame's Pillo is an aesthetically pleasing, all-purpose wedge with a design that accommodates a wide range of uses. This soft-yet-firm wedge supports you during sex--but like a good friend, it's there for you during all hours of the day, offering superior support in all kinds of ways. During sex or reading a book, the Pillo can fit into any situation. Lean on it, sit on it, nap on it--your imagination is the only limit. Extremely soft yet structurally firm, Pillo supports you in elevating your favorite sexual positions to the next level. This wedge's slight incline is ideal for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. A little bit of extra support can make a big difference! Pillo’s brushed cotton shell and soft foam make it a fantastic all-purpose pillow. With its washable outer cover and inner liner, Pillo cleans up great and blends in well with all the furniture in your home. It looks and feels just like a regular pillow — with an angled design that knows how to keep a sexy secret.

15” x 18” x 7”
Cover: Indigo cotton (97% ), spandex (3%)
Liner: 100% Polyester + TPU inner cover; polyurethane pillow

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