Lora DiCarlo

Onda by Lora DiCarlo - MicroRobotic G-Spot Vibrator


The magnificent Onda uses micro-robotics to mimic the sensations of fingers that stroke over you G-spot, with added boosts of rumbling sensations - any time you want!

Stimulation beyond vibration
The G-spot Massager replicates the best kind of human touch, mimicking the come-hither motion of a finger, along with a stimulation boost offering rumbling vibrations for a totally different experience.

Your path to pleasure
The variety of settings allows you to determine the length and speed of each stroke against the G-spot to pinpoint stimulation. Choose from 4 different stroke positions along the body, including long and short strokes.


  • Body-safe
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Uniquely shaped to follow the body’s curves to help you explore and pinpoint your pleasure

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