Sex & Mischief Enchanted Feather Tickler


A unique double-sided option for all you sexual multi-taskers out there, Sportsheets Enchanted Feather Tickler combines a teasing, tickly feather with a super-sexy silicone flogger.

Depending on what your specific scenario dictates, both sides can be enjoyed with equally pleasurable results- the tickler is incredibly soft, trailing with tickly precision along a playmate's most sensitive parts, igniting nerve endings along the way. When things get a little heated, flip the Tickler over and flick the soft silicone tails for some sensual sting.


  • Made of 40% Rooster feather, 40% Silicone, 20% Phthalate Free PVC
  • 22.5" total Length – feathers 5”, stick 8.5", strands 9"

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