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Ever since I can remember I’ve been, lets say, CURIOUS. I had my nightly bedtime routine that helped put me fast asleep. I can’t say I knew what I was doing, or what was truly going on at that time, but the actions weren’t taught, they were innate. 

We’re all curious, and whether or not you like to admit it, we all masturbate. Fast-forward to my teenage years, this curiosity-engine really REVED up (so to speak)! Self-pleasure was never talked about growing up.There was always a negative stigma around it. “SHH.. whatever you do, don’t masturbate!’ Don’t talk about it, don’t normalize it, shove it in a tiny-ass box, lock it up and throw the key in the damn Pacific Ocean. Instead of becoming closer to my own sexuality, since it was so frowned upon, I inevitably became curious with partners. If self- pleasure was normalized, myself, along with many others, could’ve likely avoided searching for intimacy in all of the wrong places. Becoming one with my sexuality has changed my fucking life. Like I mentioned previously, searching for unfulfilling intimacy didn’t fullFILL me… If you know what I mean. I was searching for fulfillment in the wrong people and orgasm-less. I was introduced to Fun Factory at the age of 18, and boy-oh-boy, my life was forever changed. I don’t know if it was the sense of empowerment, but man, I experienced my first O within minutes. FullFILLED, self-satisfied, empowered and truly felt like a different person, a fucking woman! 

We started this company to try and abolish the crap stigma about masturbation. Show people that its NORMAL, and you don’t have to associate it with those raunchy, old-school, XXX sex shops that are eery and grungy. Do yourself a MASSIVE favor, become one with yourself. LOVE yourself. ACCEPT yourself. And STOP looking for fulfillment in other people, find it within yourself!


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Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so tired of masturbation being a negative, “dirty”, or “shameful” thing. We ALL do it, as you say, and talking about it with your children and admitting to yourself that it’s ok to masturbate , I believe, are healthy ways of breaking the crappy stigma associated with it. I told my daughter to make sure your hands are clean and explore your own body. Know the anatomy and where it feels the best. Go for it! There isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. I also loved how you talked about the fact that you weren’t able to find fullfillment on your own, so you looked for it in all the wrong places. I read an article, and I can’t remember where it was, but a school is actually teaching kids about masturbation and techniques to try, in hopes that kids will hold off on having sex, and find gratification within their own sexuality.
Again, I love what you stand for, and your transparency with your own journey of finding your own sexuality. Thank you.

Sandy Sinn February 18, 2021

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